Renee Ansin

EA to Director - Digital Specialist

A high performance office requires high performing systems. That's where Renee shines. With a background in digital marketing and real estate technology training, Renee coaches the team to leverage the technology tools to their best advantage. A core part of the administrative leadership team, she is responsible for social media management, supplier liaison for technology, researching the latest in real estate tools and training the team to use them whilst supporting the Director in an Executive Assistant capacity.

Making databasing interesting might seem like an oxymoron until you hear Renee talk about the potential to drive business growth and powerfully connect with potential clients. Her enthusiasm for the topic is contagious! Growing up, Renee had the advantage of a mother who is a successful real estate salesperson and auctioneer giving her a unique insight in to the high pressure, high reward environment.

Renee is well aware that work-life balance is necessary to maintain momentum. Her community remains a priority, allocating voluntary hours to her church every week; mentoring young people. She also loves singing, a regular member of the local choral society and spending time with her husband of over five years.